Plumbing & Heating Products for Commercial & Residential Needs

We offer the highest quality of products and provide superior service post-sale

45 Company Inc.

Heating & Plumbing Products in Montana & Northern Wyoming

45 Company Inc. is a firm, based in Montana, is a manufacturers' representative firm based in Montana, offering a wide variety of products in the plumbing & heating industries. We provide exceptional quality of plumbing and heating products, which makes us one of the leading companies serving Montana & Northern Wyoming.

About Us

Clapper Company Inc. is our parent company, which was founded in 1959. It was later acquired in 2015 and was known as 45 Company Inc. We provide you with the best-in-market heating and plumbing products, manufactured with the latest technology available in the industry. We believe in exceeding your expectations related to product quality and service.

New Trending Products

Condensing boiler

Patterson Kelley Storm

Condensing boiler
Clean white urinals

Sloan CX Flushometer

Clean white urinals
Built-in filtered water dispenser

Elkay LIV Residential Bottle Filler

Built-in filtered water dispenser
Modern taps in different colors

Bradley Verge Soap and Faucets

Modern taps in different colors

Plumbing Products

We offer a wide range of plumbing products, which have the highest quality. We are renowned for our superior service, both before and after sale. We serve the states of Montana & Northern Wyoming.

Our plumbing products include the following.

  • Showers
  • Wash fountains
  • Sinks
  • Safety fixtures
  • Coils
  • Water coolers
  • Bottle fill stations
  • Commercial scullery
  • Tables
  • Link seals
  • Wall sleeves
  • Storage and expansion tanks
  • Security and penal fixtures
  • Mop sinks
  • Bases

Heating Products

We provide an extensive range of heating and boiler products for your commercial and residential needs.

  • Gas detection equipment
  • Expansion joints
  • Polypro venting
  • Hydronic baseboard
  • Low pressure steam boiler
  • PEX-A Pipe and accessories
  • Heat exchangers
  • Water-tube boilers
  • Low pressure steams
  • Boiler feed